In the Land of Leadale (Episode 5) – A Grandson, a Granddaughter, a Great-Grandson, and a Fortress

In the Land of Leadale Title

Cayna delivers the letter to the Sakaiya trading company unaware that Mai-Mai has set her up. How will she react upon learning that she has grandchildren? Is anyone going to tell her about her great-grandchildren?

In the Land of Leadale (Episode 5) – A Grandson, a Granddaughter, a Great-Grandson, and a Fortress

What happened?

First, Cayna meets her grandson who is the master of Sakaiya. He is delighted to meet his grandmother and offers to put her up in the most luxurious room he has. However, this makes her feel uncomfortable, not to mention the fact she just learnt that she has grandchildren, and she gets mad. Upon returning to the inn, Cayna meets a knight who is gathering information about the bandits. It turns out she is also Cayna’s granddaughter. She has the ability to speak telepathically with her twin brother and their mother.

Cayna heads to the adventurer’s guild after blowing off some steam. There she finds some information about Cresent Moon castle which she believes might be another Guardian’s tower. A couple of odd adventurers help her out before she returns to Sakaiya to make up with Caerick. She tells him about the castle and together they come up with a plan for her to deliver some goods so that she can remain inconspicuous. However, after she arrived at the knight’s fort, it is attacked by rock golems and the knights don’t have the equipment to fight back. What will Cayna do?

In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 Cayna getting mad

What did you think?

It was another episode where very little actually happened, however, I think it was hinting at a lot. Firstly, there were those two adventurers who were obviously using some sort of magic that changed their appearance. One of them seemed to recognise Cayna from somewhere but he couldn’t place her. My gut is that he saw her running on the river as that seems to be the only memorable place where she’s been noticed unless it’s from some sort of artefact that has her likeness.

The other thing that I think this episode tried to show us a little more of what Cayna was like from before she was isekaied. I’m starting to wonder if she might actually be a child. Her mood swings and the way she reacts to things suggests that she doesn’t have much emotional experience. It could also have been down to her medical condition. Either way, we’re seeing a little of a villainous streak and my favourite part was where she bonded with Caerick over his sneaky plan.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 Cayna villainous

What have you learnt?

As I said, we’ve not really learnt much, although there is plenty to speculate on. A lot of isekai anime concern themselves with a hero appearing in a new world to defeat the demon lord, but I’m wondering if Cayna is going to become the demon lord. She’s definitely got a nasty streak and the sort of emotional control that a sociopath would be familiar with.

I also said earlier in the season that I don’t know if we’ll find out much about her past life or whether there will be any relevance. I want to retract that idea as now, I think her past is going to become vitally important unless this series just ambles along with the more slice of life – over-powered hero path. It would be interesting to her instability become a factor in her decision to take over the world, especially if activating all the guardians will make her unstoppable. I wonder which path this series will walk!

In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 Cayna applauds the knights effort

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