In the Land of Leadale (Episode 6) – Rock Golems, a Chief, Skeletons, and Fairies

In the Land of Leadale Title

Cayna rescues the knights from the Rock Golems, however, there was something bothering her about them – their levels were way too high. Could this lead her to the discovery of another gamer?

In the Land of Leadale (Episode 6) – Rock Golems, a Chief, Skeletons, and Fairies

What happened?

The knights were basically finished as they didn’t have the equipment to handle Rock Golems, especially ones this strong. Cayna, however, has everything she needs to blow them to pieces. She even allows the knights to collect the drops as she just wants to go on her way. Cresent Moon Castle is nearby and she believes it will be another Guardian’s tower. Caerina allows her to leave and warns the others of Cayna’s power levels.

Cayna soon finds a lake with a castle standing on an island. She also spots a number of bandits and sends some brown dragons to take care of them. Of course, this flushes out the boss who is a gamer with a level of 432. He threatens Cayna and fails to listen to anything she says, making him surprised when she confirms that she was a gamer too. After defeating him, she is about to kill him when Caerina and the knights show up, demanding to take him into custody. However, he’s too strong for them to handle so Cayna puts a collar on him that reduces his stats by ninety percent. On the island, she awakens the guardian and receives a gift from an old friend!

In the Land of Leadale Episode 6 Cayna about to kill another gamer

What did you think?

There were some funny moments in this episode, but it also raised a lot of questions. Most of those questions are about Cayne and her personality swings and inconsistent thought process. She’s been searching for gamers pretty much since she first arrived here and now she’s found one. However, her first instinct is to kill the gamer for not realising that it’s not a game anymore. The gamer claims to be a child, but that doesn’t even faze her.

What little we know of Cayna’s previous life could offer some insight, although it’s mostly speculation. I’m pretty sure she was a teenager when the powercut ended her life, however, we don’t know how long she had been in that state. If we’re talking about the potential of VRMMORPG, it’s possible that she has been in a coma or something similar to paralysis for a considerable period of time. What if her only social interactions are from the game itself and she pretty much became known as a witch. I still think she’s going to become something akin to a demon lord.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 6 Cayna preparing to visit Mai Mai

What have you learnt?

So, I just checked the genres listed for the series and slice of life is not one of them. After the first couple of episodes, I think I just assumed it was and I think that’s a fair assumption. Part of that belief has left me unsure if they really are going to go down the evil protagonist path. Well, if this is just an adventure fantasy then all bets are off. Maybe, Cayna doesn’t intend to be evil but that would play into the idea that she has very limited empathy from her time in the hospital where she could only play the game.

I don’t know if this will go anywhere, but I think the potential is there and it’s given us more than enough hints to make it a possibility. If I’m honest, I quite like the idea of seeing her slowly slip into a darker personality. I think it would show the influence of that much power. There are times when Cayna seems to understand that it’s not a game and that killing is permanent, but then she’s also prepared to kill someone without much thought when it suits her. It’s going to be interesting to see where we are at the end of the season.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 6 Cayna and Fairy surprised by rewards

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