Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Volume 7) – Suite of the Dead

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 7 Cover

Akira and the others were on their way to the Northern most point of Japan when they ran out of gas. Realising that the distance remaining was the same as a Spartathalon, Akia convinces the others to run with him!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Volume 7) – Suite of the Dead

What happened?

Several times it seemed like they wouldn’t complete the two hundred and forty-six kilometre run. At one point, Akira even got inspired by the ghost of Pheidippedes, the messenger that ran from Sparta to Athens for reinforcements. However, it was the large horde of zombies that got them to the end of the run. Amazingly, they made it but with the zombies still following, they needed someplace to hide. Surprisingly, there was a hotel that appeared to be still functioning. They got inside just before the zombies reached them.

They soon discovered that the hotel was still operating because it was run entirely by A.I. and since money was now worthless and they were the only guests, they were offered the penthouse for free. The A.I. saw to it that every desire was taken care of. They were fed, bathed, massaged, fed again, and fed some more. They threw a party for them, however, when Beatrix and Shizuka woke up, they were strapped to a table in a laboratory. The creator of the A.I. was hoping to use one of their bodies to resurrect his love who died at the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

The A.I. butler had locked Akira and Kencho inside the suite while this was going on and was conflicted in his programming that he had to obey the creator above all others. However, there was a way around it. If the guests were in danger then it would have to evacuate everyone including those in the secret laboratory below the hotel. Akira and Kencho requested a fireworks display that drew in more and more zombies. A zombie bear then came crashing through the front gates. They found the girls and escaped in a helicopter, but the scientist stayed behind and uploaded his brain into the same server as his love’s.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 7 Akira tells Doctor Edogawa off

What did you think?

When I finished the last volume, it felt very much like the end. However, knowing that there were many more volumes to get through, I ignored that feeling. Well, this episode leaves me thinking that the last volume was the original end, but they decided to keep the story going. Unfortunately, this volume feels like they hadn’t decided where the story was going to go so they just went a little crazy. It had some funny moments and some nice ones between the main group, however, it didn’t really go anywhere or do anything.

Amazingly, Akira did get to check off a number of items from the bucket list but it felt kind of hollow. As I said, it felt like they weren’t sure what to do next so they went a little overboard. Part of me was sure that most of this volume was some sort of dream from pushing their bodies too hard as they tried to complete the Spartathalon. That would have probably been a better outcome although it would have invoked one of my least favourite tropes – it was all a dream. Still, it was nice to spend some more time with everyone and it would appear that Akira and Shizuka are getting a little closer. Still, a long way to go and lots of volumes to read, so I’m confident that it’ll get back to normal soon enough.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 7 The Aurora at the end of the Spartathalon

Volume highlights

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