Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Volume 6) – Hometown of the Dead Part 2

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 6 Cover

Akira has to choose between saving his dad and becoming a zombie. How can it have come to this after everything they went through to survive and get this far? There has to be another choice!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Volume 6) – Hometown of the Dead Part 2

What happened?

Higurashi has Akira’s father and is threatening to kill him if Akira doesn’t open the door and allow a zombie to bite him. There’s no negotiating with him either. After some time of contemplation, the door opens and several zombies stagger in. Minutes later, Akira stumbles out. His skin is grey. His eyes are lifeless. There’s blood dribbling down his face. He shuffles towards Higurashi who can’t stop laughing. Then, just when he’s let his guard down, Akira grabs him and pulls him to the ground.

Thanks to the help of some of the other survivors from the city, they were able to fashion a zombie cosplay in the time Higurashi was waiting. Then, they lured the zombies in and killed them before Akira put on his greatest performance. Higurashi was bitten by zombie moments later which gave him a chance to open up to Akira. Akira wanted to know what Higurashi really wanted to write in his book. It turns out he just wanted to go to the pool with his friends. The others told Akira not to concern him with Higurashi’s plight. He brought it upon himself.

Meanwhile, Beatrix managed to break the electricity generator and was now walking across the village on top of the water wheel. Shizuka was saved by the old people she was helping, who were inspired by her attempts to save them. They managed to escape the village when Beatrix rode the water wheel through the electric fence. However, the rope bridge had been broken. That’s when Kumano showed up with a new bridge he built after hearing the zombies going berserk.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 6 Akira gets to the bottom of Higurashis issues

What did you think?

I’m not sure I can praise this volume enough. It is without a doubt my favourite one in the series. A series that I have loved every moment of, no less. As soon as I saw Akira in his zombie form, I remembered the professions of the other survivors we met in the last episode. There was a movie make-up artist and she made Akira into a zombie. That’s some very nice foreshadowing. Then, we had the olds, especially the hunter who was the best shot in the village saving Shizuka from afar. Even the way Beatrix shot down Toko’s claims to always be right. This series packs so many great messages into each volume that it’s practically a self-help book too!

Then, there were two bonus chapters at the end of this volume. The first followed Akira and Kencho as they tried to make “manga meat”. You know the large round hunk of meat on a giant bone that you can regularly see shounen heroes munching on. That was good, but the second one was the thing I didn’t know I needed. It took us back to volume one when Akira met the Kosakas. Well, they survived and are making their own bucket list as they travel the world. On top of all that, we learnt that the ailment Akira’s dad is suffering from is haemorrhoids… I loved seeing them all get excited about the bucket list, especially Shizuka.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 6 Akiras updated list

Volume highlights

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