Beast Tamer (Episode 9) – Beast Tamer VS Beast Tamer

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They’ve trapped the Mithril thieves in the mine and just need to go in and capture them, however, that might be easier said than done since they too have a beast tamer, and he’s got a trick up his sleeve!

Beast Tamer (Episode 9) – Beast Tamer VS Beast Tamer

What happened?

They’re about to go into the mine when Rein warns them that the thieves are expecting them. Then, he points to a bird flying overhead, circling them in a strange pattern. They likely have a beast tamer too and they’ve been watching them. Regardless, they need to go in and capture them so that Gantz can resume constructing weapons with Mithril. The thieves are determined not to be caught and are ready to kill anyone who tries. Of course, they hadn’t counted on their being four ultimate species in the party.

Runa and Sora block an incoming attack and then bind the mages with another spell. Tania burns some arrows out of the air and then Kanade swoops in to knock out the archers. That just leaves the beast tamer and he’s furious that they are interfering with his plans. He summons his trump card – a behemoth. Normally, a monster as powerful as a behemoth would be untamable since they hate people. This beast tamer would have to have unimaginable power to achieve something like this. However, he reveals that he simply found it as a baby and raised it, giving him total control. Not wanting any witnesses to their crime, he tells it to kill Rein.

Rein dodges its attacks while the others take the captured thieves out of the mine. However, with every attack, the behemoth is weakening the structure of the mine. If Rein can’t defeat it soon, the whole thing could collapse. Kanade comes back to help and captures the beast tamer, however, he’s willing to die if it means killing them. Then, Rein does the unimaginable and tames the behemoth. No one has ever tamed someone else’s tame. However, the behemoth is still a monster and rushes to attack its former master. Rein is left with no choice but to burn it to a crisp.

What did you think?

This episode was one of the weaker ones and I think that’s because it feels like something we’ve already seen, and in reality, we have. The similarities between this arc and the one where they captured the bandits are plain to see and that is a shame. It’s one thing for this series to be so laid back, but being so laid back that we repeat the same storyline is a little too laid back. I don’t think it really added anything to the overall story either. Rein could have gotten a better weapon some other way. The only new thing was getting to see how strong Sora and Runa are.

Then we had the scene where Runa and Sora eat hotdogs (with lettuce???) and thoroughly enjoy them. That could have been dirtier than it was so once again this series kept things wholesome. However, what came next was a little too whiny for my liking. Sure, Sora and Runa want to know that their contract helps Rein in some way so asking what abilities he got from them makes sense, but why was there so much doubt about them being useful, especially after the quest they just completed? Also, I did laugh at how Rein went from sad for the criminals to oh well whatever in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t the best episode, but it does set things up for the big finale…

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Sora and Runa eating hotdogs

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