Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 3) – Third Period

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Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Sato found Kojima in his room cleaning. Then, his mother came in and gave Kojima a beer which went straight to her head. That’s when Kojima pulled out an old photo album. Should be interesting!

Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 3) – Third Period

What happened?

It’s his sanctuary, full of his manga and anime collection. So, what was Kojima doing there and why was she folding his clothes. She told him that her mother dragged her in there and then vanished. She couldn’t believe he would just throw his clothes on the floor like a slob. Sato’s mother reappeared and gave Kojima a glass of beer. She can’t handle booze and one sip was enough.

Kojima pulled out her old photo album and showed it to Sato and his mother. She had a picture of her with a little boy – the one she believes changed her life and made it possible for her to become a teacher. The little boy jumped off a bridge into an icy river as she walked past. She instinctively jumped in after him. Even though the river wasn’t very deep, they both got cold so she took him home and warmed him up. He mentioned a legend about becoming an adult if you jump off the bridge and he believed it worked for her too!

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Uncensored Episode 3 Kojima in Satos room

Sato’s mother revealed that the boy was actually her son. Kojima was delighted to final reacquaint herself with the one she believed made it possible for her to become a teacher. She desperately wanted to thank him but didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, Sato’s mother had an idea and whispered it into Kojima’s ear, turning her a deep shade of red.

Kojima being quite drunk and not as experienced as Sato’s mother may think came up with an idea. She would let him play with her boobs, but when he was worried about her career he backed off. She persisted and demanded that he at least let her kiss him. Again, he tried to resist, but she wasn’t having any of it. The next day, back at school, he accidentally called her ‘big sis’ and felt the full wrath of Kojima the Demon.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Uncensored Episode 3 Sato his mother and Kojima looking at a photo album

What did you think?

The first two episodes had followed a two scenes format whereas this one gave us a single scene although there was a brief flashback in it too. We saw more meddling from Sato’s mother and found out that Sato and Kojima knew each other from way back. He was worried that she would be mad, but it was the opposite. Of course, that gave Kojima the chance to really test the limits of the censorship, which thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with here. And now, neither do you! Enjoy.

Episode highlights

The Flashback!

Thank You!

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    • It’s a lot of fun. Just make sure you watch the uncensored version otherwise it can get a bit ridiculous with full screen censoring.

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