Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 11) – Eleventh Period

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Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Koh discovered that three of his friends are all dating teachers and he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. He resolves that he will get one in the next three months, but working in the kitchen makes that hard!

Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 11) – Eleventh Period

What happened?

When Koh suggested they split the prize, he was expecting it to be something small and insignificant, however, Tachibana won the top prize which was a weekend away for two. Somehow, Koh had gone from helping her with her groceries to going on a romantic weekend getaway! When they got there, Tachibana was keen to make sure Koh had fun so she took him to the beach, however, there was a no swimming sign. Koh suggested that they have fun on the shore and showed her a hermit crab.

While they looked at the crab, the tide picked up Tachibana’s suitcase and carried it away. Tachibana slipped trying to get it back and fell into the water. Koh jumped in to help her out and was shocked to discover that her bikini bottoms had fallen off. Then, as Tachibana climbed over the edge a hermit crab pinched her nipple. She was unable to move until Koh was able to get it off, which was easier said than done considering she was on his shoulders and he was standing in the water.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 11 Tachibana Takes Koh On Trip

The next day, things went a little better, although Koh was now certain that he was starting to fall for Tachibana. That evening they went on a night hike up a mountain to watch the stars. Unfortunately, it started to rain so they took shelter in a cave. It was pretty cold so Tachibana huddled up close to Koh to share their warmth. The rock behind Koh gave way and they both fell into another chasm.

When Koh managed to turn on his flashlight, he was surprised to see Tachibana upside down with her panties on display. He went to move, but she stopped him, pointing out that they were surrounded by stalagmites and since they take so long to form, it would be a shame to break one. They moved inch by inch and with each movement, things got a little more awkward. Eventually, they managed to correct themselves. The rain even stopped, but it was still cloudy. Luckily, the moonlight bounced around the cave creating a spectacular sight, however, Tachibana had hoped to see a shooting star so that she could make a wish. She didn’t need to, though as Koh accidentally confessed his love for her!

What did you think?

Koh and Tachibana’s relationship grew and it was nice to see Tachibana celebrating things like winning the raffle and Koh confessing his love for her with her peace sign. I think they actually are the best couple and it’s helped by her calm and cool personality. She doesn’t often get flustered so that makes her seem like she has everything under control whereas all the other teachers so far have been fairly emotional. Of course, the main ecchi moments in this episode were all accidental and played into that classic trope. It was a fun episode and as always better without the censorship.

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Episode highlights

Romantic Getaway!

Cave of Wonders!

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