Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 10) – Tenth Period

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Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Koh discovered that three of his friends are all dating teachers and he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. He resolves that he will get one in the next three months, but working in the kitchen makes that hard!

Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 10) – Tenth Period

What happened?

However, when Koh was taking the old cooking oil out to the garbage, he bumped into the school nurse, Chizuru Tachibana covering her clothes in oil. He apologised profusely but she just seemed to be annoyed that she was missing her dinner. Koh found a clean shirt and offered it to her. She didn’t seem to care, but took it anyway, removing her dirty shirt and adjusting her bra in front of him.

He went to leave and slipped on her greasy shirt, falling onto her. His hand caught in her bra, revealing her boobs. Again, she seemed less worried about what had happened, although she was concerned for Koh’s ankle which he appeared to sprain. However, she accidentally got a little aroused by the situation and told Koh to look away. When she tried to look at his ankle, he misunderstood her and ran to fetch the manager.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 10 Tachibana's Covered In Oil

Tachibana was keen to develop a warmer relationship with the students and asked Hazakura for advice. She suggested that Tachibana spend some time with a student that wore their emotions on their sleeve and learn from them. So, Tachibana showed up at Koh’s house on Christmas day determined to spend some time with him and learn about emotions.

She showed Koh some home videos of her through the years and it was all quite depressing. He suggested they make one this year and turned on her camera, which was pointed at her panties and still connected to the television. He panicked and knocked the cake off the table. Tachibana dived to catch it, exposing herself and sitting on Koh’s head. Then a bottle of champagne popped, soaking her panties. Koh gave her a pair of his shorts to wear home and then they exchanged gifts. He got her a teddy bear that she instantly wrote her name on. She gave him her soaked panties…

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 10 Tachibana Invites Herself To Koh's For Christmas

What did you think?

I’m still undecided on my favourite couple but I think it might be Koh and Tachibana. Her ice-cold expressions make everything that much funnier. Of course, seeing her nipples for the first time changed several references from the censored version that without knowing what she looked like made no sense. It’s another win for the uncensored version and I make that ten out of ten so far. I was worried that the uncensored version might not give off the same vibe, but it has been far superior. It was released through an online system, surely they can forget the censorship. Seriously, forget it already.

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Merry Christmas!

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