Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen (Episode 2) – Infiltrating the Entertainment District

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Yuukau hen Title

Tengen’s plan is to send Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke into the entertainment district as women, selling them to the three main houses. There, they will search for his three wives and the demon!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen (Episode 2) – Infiltrating the Entertainment District

What happened?

Tengen takes Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke to the entertainment district to show them where they will be working… literally. In order to find the demon that lurks here, they will go undercover as girls, working in the three main houses. Tengen dressed them up and sold them. Tanjiro was the first to be bought although they soon regretted it after seeing his scar. Inosuke was actually tracked down and purchased by a shrewd madame who could see his potential… I mean her potential.

Zenitus was practically given away and only taken because he was able to learn to play the shamisen after hearing one note. He may not look like much but he has stellar hearing. Anyhow, it turns out that Tegen’s three wives have already gone undercover at these houses and all have stopped sending him letters. That’s why he needs Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

It would appear the entertainment district is the perfect place for a demon to reside. It’s quiet during the day and comes alive at night. Girls regularly go missing but they are usually believed to have committed ashinuke which is when they run off without clearing their debts. Tanjiro hears about one of Tengen’s wives and how she left a diary with likely doctored information within. Then, Inosuke tracks down another of Tengen’s wives who is apparently feeling unwell!

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Yuukau hen Episode 2 Makio restrained

What did you think?

I first started watching this season back when it aired and made it to episode two before putting it on ice. My biggest problem with the first season and the movie was the wacky tone shifts that usually come with some over-the-top facial expressions. It absolutely kills the serious nature of the series when it does that. So, seeing Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke dressed like terrible-looking women I was worried.

Thankfully, there were a couple of moments beforehand that lessened the blow. I was surprised to see Zenitsu as the voice of reason when Tengen said that he was a god and again I enjoyed it when he got mad that it appeared that Tengen wanted them to find him a wife. Those were actually quite funny, but that was about it.

I far preferred to see Tengen sitting on the rooftop looking brody and Inosuke sneaking around following a lead. When this show focuses on the story and not the madcap antics it’s incredible. I’m hoping that this episode was its way of getting all this nonsense out of the way so it can focus on hitting us with some amazing fights and dark scenarios.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Yuukau hen Episode 2 Zenitsu Tanjiro and Inosuke

What have you learnt?

For a flashy guy that’s trying to sell three male demon slayers as women, he didn’t exactly make it easy for him to accomplish that part of the plan. How did he make them look so awful? I get that he’s trying to not attract attention to himself, but he still managed to look like the hunk on the cover of a romance novel while these three looked like the Three Stooges!

What little we have seen of Tengen’s wives gives me hope for the season. As always, the demons and the fights are the best things about this series, so I’m looking forward to things getting better and better. The fact that this part of the season is billed as a single arc should mean that we get right into it. I’m here for the horror, the action, and maybe another shamisen solo…

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Yuukau hen Episode 2 Zenitsu Shamisen hero

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