Gleipnir (Volume 10) – Time to Settle This Once and For All

Gleipnir Volume 10 Cover

Honoka entered Shuichi’s memories because of her connection to Chihiro. She took them to her world and tried to erase Chihiro, however, Shuichi was able to transform which intrigued her enough to let them go. They’d all be erased soon enough!

Gleipnir (Volume 10) – Time to Settle This Once and For All

What happened?

Because Chihiro had been investigating Honoka, she knew enough for Honoka to want to claim back that information, just as she had done when she was created. However, that was when she learned just how sad the world was and resolved to erase everything. That way no one could be sad. However, when she tried to erase Chihiro, Shuichi transformed which she believed was impossible. That fascinated her enough to let them leave for now, although, she warned them that soon everything would be erased as it wouldn’t be fair to all those she had already taken.

Once they were back, Shuichi resolved to end it by killing Kaito. Last time, he hesitated, but now this time. Clair knew that to do that they needed to find a way to fully merge with one another the way Elana and Chihiro had. But how would they do it? Clair did everything that Elena did but nothing happened. Then, when Shuichi told her that he was able to do it last time to save Chihiro, she knew what she needed to do. She apologised for kicking him off the roof at the school that time and then shot herself in the stomach. Amazingly, it worked. They merged and became something else entirely.

Now that they could merge and the thing they became was more powerful than anything they’d seen previously, they were confident to take the fight to Kaito. They would need a couple of days to prepare which was great because Shuichi wanted to return to his school before the fight to remind himself what he was fighting for. The school seemed more empty than usual which he was sure was down to Honoka, but he couldn’t remember anyone who wasn’t there. Then, the unthinkable happened. Kaito attacked the school with his monsters, forcing the fight to begin ahead of time!

What did you think?

As soon as they decided that they would wait two days before attacking, I knew they’d never get that time. However, I was not expecting Kaito to attack the school. That was insane and reminded me of the scene in Blood-C when the school is attacked by a horrendous monster who ate most of the class. It was brutal, horrific, and absolutely what this story needed. Had Kaito just sat back and done nothing, allowing them to prepare for a fight that he knew was coming, it would have been ridiculous. This upped the stakes even more and forced them to fight him there and then.

Also, we knew that Clair and Shuichi would eventually work out how to merge and the way they first did it was amazing. These two have such a strong bond that there was no way it wasn’t going to happen. However, never did I expect their fusion to give us such a badass character. Like seriously, she went from this hard-as-nails character to an utter demon with a sword. I didn’t think that I could love Clair any more, but I was wrong. The moment that they stood on the school grounds facing off against Kaito as the survivors from the initial attack watched from the school building was insane. Clair casually stripped to her underwear and then climbed inside Shuichi. I can’t believe there are four more books. This is going to be epic! Let’s get it on!

Gleipnir Volume 10 Shuichi and Clair merge and kill the monsters

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Series Information

English TitleGleipnir
Japanese TitleGleipnir
GenresActionEcchi, Monsters, Mystery, Supernatural


SeasonSeason One
ReleasedSpring 2020
Animation StudiosPine Jam
1Something Inside of Me
2What It Means to Be Empty
4I Wish I Was Someone Else
5Crazy Enemies
8Shadows in Memory
9Staked Claims
10Beautiful Flower
11The Price of Resolve
12Where the Promise Was Made
13We Two Are One


Series ReviewGleipnir
AuthorSun Takeda
ArtistSun Takeda
1You and Me Together…
2This Could Be Our Last Day Alive!
3The Power to Force People to Keep Secrets
4What If It’s a Trap?
5We’ll Kill ‘Em All!
6So That’s Why I Killed Her!
7Don’t Come Here, Ever Again!
8I Knew You’d Come!
9He Needs to Suffer for Far Longer!
10Time to Settle This Once and For All
11This is… My Power!
12I’ll Make It All Go Away!
13I Can’t Let the Story End Here!
14I Leave the Rest to You!

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