Gleipnir (Volume 11) – This is… My Power!

Gleipnir Volume 11 Cover

Kaito attacked their school, leaving them with no option other than to reveal their abilities. They had hoped to prepare for the final battle, but there was no time. Luckily, Clair and Shuichi were ready!

Gleipnir (Volume 11) – This is… My Power!

What happened?

Clair and Shuichi had merged into their combined form and quickly took care of Kaito’s monsters. However, the bodies had already been piled high. Many of their school friends were already dead and if they didn’t stop Kaito, everyone else would soon join them. And after that, the world would slowly be erased. Kaito taunted Shuichi, asking if he really had anything to fight for since his parents had already been erased by Honoka. However, he wasn’t going to stop for anything and with Clair’s help, he didn’t need to.

Kaito continued to attack, throwing bigger and bigger centipedes at them until he sent one large enough to crush the school building. That just further enraged them. However, with every cut they delivered to Kaito’s body, he regenerated bigger and stronger than before. Then, something strange happened. Shuichi felt like he was moving in slow motion. No, not just him. Everything had slowed down. That was when Clair revealed that she had visited the alien and used her coin for this power. Her senses had been heightened to the point that she could react faster than anyone. They kept chopping, but Kairo kept fighting back. He caught them with a piercing blow. Shuichi was about to undo the merger and return to his normal form as that would protect them both, but Clair wouldn’t let him. They just kept cutting.

Then, it happened. Kaito couldn’t regenerate any more. He remembered the time at the summer school when he ran rather than facing the consequences of breaking a window. He remembered how he lost Honoka and how she never really came back. His body crumbled to dust along with the bodies of the centipedes. They did it. They won. They didn’t get to celebrate though as they collapsed beside Kaito’s remains. Luckily, Sanbe had been able to find them and took them to the alien for treatment. What would they do now though? Their secret had been revealed. Clair suggested that they use their coins to become someone new and leave. Shuichi liked that idea. But was it really over?

What did you think?

So this fight was epic. This was exactly what this series needed to bring everything to a close. I liked this ending. They defeated the big baddie and even though things were better they would never be able to return to the lives they once knew. It’s the classic hero’s journey ending. So how come there are another three books? Well, it would appear that in her haste to solve things for Elena when she was younger, Clair went to see the fake Honoka and made her realise that instead of erasing everyone who knew her, she should just erase everyone. When that happened, Honoka somehow made copies of herself and those copies are still a threat despite Kaito being destroyed and the original Honoka copy dying with him.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I’m excited for another three episodes. On the other hand, I’m concerned that this was the ending and the author was pushed to keep the story going because this really did feel like the end, and it was a good end. I can only imagine that the alien will be revealed to be the ultimate villain of the story. He was definitely upset that Honoka had been killed and I believe he was the one who wanted Kaito to suffer. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out, especially as they’ve just introduced a new character in the form of Aiko’s little sister. Well, let’s find out!

Gleipnir Volume 11 Aiko's little sister Hanabi

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Series Information

English TitleGleipnir
Japanese TitleGleipnir
GenresActionEcchi, Monsters, Mystery, Supernatural


SeasonSeason One
ReleasedSpring 2020
Animation StudiosPine Jam
1Something Inside of Me
2What It Means to Be Empty
4I Wish I Was Someone Else
5Crazy Enemies
8Shadows in Memory
9Staked Claims
10Beautiful Flower
11The Price of Resolve
12Where the Promise Was Made
13We Two Are One


Series ReviewGleipnir
AuthorSun Takeda
ArtistSun Takeda
1You and Me Together…
2This Could Be Our Last Day Alive!
3The Power to Force People to Keep Secrets
4What If It’s a Trap?
5We’ll Kill ‘Em All!
6So That’s Why I Killed Her!
7Don’t Come Here, Ever Again!
8I Knew You’d Come!
9He Needs to Suffer for Far Longer!
10Time to Settle This Once and For All
11This is… My Power!
12I’ll Make It All Go Away!
13I Can’t Let the Story End Here!
14I Leave the Rest to You!

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