BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Volume 2) – Counter Move

Bofuri Volume 2 Cover

After Maple successfully left the developer of NewWorld Online dumbfounded, they quickly added some updates to the game nerfing Maple’s abilities. It wasn’t a big deal because Sally was with her now and the next event was coming.

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Volume 2) – Counter Move

What happened?

A new level had been added to NewWorld online and Maple and Sally were keen to progress and explore the new area. All they had to do was defeat the level boss and they could move on, Of course, Maple had a ton of skills that would help however, she struggled to get near to the boss due to her speed and the obstacles blocking the way. Sally, having super speed, was able to clear the path and create an opening for Maple. She made the most of it but was then stunned, leaving Sally to finish it off. They won and moved on.

That was when the developers nerfed all the top players, Maple included. They put limits on the number of times an ability could be used each day and also added piercing attacks which Maple was vulnerable to. It was starting to feel like they were targeting her. That just made Maple more determined to find a way to increase her strength. She bought a couple of new skills – [Cover] and [Cover Move]. Unsurprisingly, she found a way to turn these defensive moves into attacking moves. She could use [Cover] to move faster and [Cover Move] to get close enough to the enemy to use [Devour]. Sally was not surprised.

Soon after, they had the next event to tackle which was a party event. They had a vast world to explore where time was sped up so two days in the game was only two hours in real life. Their goal was to find silver medals that they could exchange for gold medals and then items. Before long, Maple and Sally had defeated a couple of quests and acquired some medals. Then, they found their way to a giant ice bird and battled with everything they had. They won, which infuriated the develops as the boss was supposed to be impossible to beat!

Bofuri Volume 2 Sally and Maple defeat the ice bird

What did you think?

It was another great volume of BOFURI. I liked that we see more of the sidequests that helped them to gain the items they needed for the strong equipment. We also saw how they developed their friendships with Iz and Chrome. Basically, it was like the anime but we got more. I will say that as well-drawn as the battles are, they don’t quite deliver the same intensity as the anime is able to produce. So, if you needed an excuse to read the manga and watch the anime, you now have one. You’re welcome!

Basically, this series is just a lot of fun. The characters are all nice and generally play with good intentions. Of course, there are some that think they can attack Maple, but they very quickly regret it. One of my favourite things about this series is Maple’s way of approaching the game. Her lack of experience allows her to see things differently and often uses that in ways that baffle the developers and other players. Then, when you add Sally to the mix you have an unstoppable pair. Bring me more!

Bofuri Volume 2 Sally and Maple find an ice bird

Volume highlights

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