BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 6) – Defense and Reinforcements


Maple and Sally acquire a home on level two of NewWorld Online and decide to create their own guild – Maple Tree. There are two new events coming up and if they’re going to compete, they’ll need some more members.

What happened?

Maple and Sally took a brief break from NewWorld Online to resume their everyday identities of Kaede and Risa. As it was Kaede’s first time playing an online game for an extended period of time, Risa warned her to take it easy as it’s hard to switch between the real world and the VRMMO. Of course, Kaede struggled and decided to take a short break. When she finally returned to NewWorld Online, there had been some changes. The biggest one was that you could now acquire a building as your home if you can catch one of the new glow-bugs. Maple was excited to get to it, although Sally had already caught one. Now, they just had to find a suitable home and create a guild!

BOFURI Episode 6 Maple and Sally find their House

What was your favourite element?

This episode was a little bit slower than the previous ones as Maple and Sally found their new home, created a guild, and then looked for players to join them. In typical fashion, Maple wanted to go to level one to find fun players and wasn’t too worried about their levels and abilities. This was great, but it wasn’t my favourite element. I think it was excellent that the series took a brief moment to look at the after-effects of being in a game for a week, even if it was only a couple of hours in the real world. I could absolutely see this being an issue with a setup like this, but that hasn’t tempered my desire to do it as laid out in my post Applications of BOFURI Technology!

BOFURI Episode 6 Risa and Kaede in the real world

What have you learnt?

Other than that I still want to play this game and just bumble around like Maple. It just looks like so much fun. This is fairly ironic as my main focus of writing is in dark fiction. Or is it? I think this series offers something a little different to the usual Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show and Maple is the difference. Sure, she’s still cute, but intentionally or not, she has a fairly ruthless and dark side to her. The way she will dispatch large groups of players or monsters with her poison attack and without any care is hilarious. It’s definitely given the series a little edge. I also believe that Maple will continue to go up against the developers who are desperately trying to reign in her powers. This shows that conflict comes in many different forms and can add an interesting element to any genre.

BOFURI Episode 6 Kuromu and Maple

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  1. I used to play Unreal (which, at the time, was astoundingly beautiful) so much that I was drive along one day IRL. I saw something in the road, and I swear I thought it was an ASMD.

    That’s a weapon from Unreal.

    Too my tired brain about 30 seconds to work out the ASMD was from the wrong universe…

    “The way she will dispatch large groups of players or monsters with her poison attack and without any care is hilarious. ”

    Remember the scene where she cheerfully road her flying turtle towards a group of monsters — and happily rained poison death from on high?

    She’s hilarious — and terrifying! Gotta say I love it.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely my favourite series this season. I’m just finding it to be so completely entertaining and I can’t help but wonder if they aren’t becoming the bad guys, especially with Kurome’s new armour in the next episode. They’re certainly looking like the guild to beat.

      Acid rain! Wait until the next episode, she can turn anything into a weapon…

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