BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 5) – Defense and Spoils of War


Maple and Sally find themselves going head to head with Kasumi, the sixth-placed player from the first event, but their duel is interrupted and they are forced to work together if anyone is going to survive.

What happened?

Realising that she was outnumbered, Kasumi decided to use her super speed skill to get away, but Sally matched that and kept up with her, leaving Maple behind. They had a brief fight before Maple flew towards them having used her cover skill. She hit the sand with a bang and all three girls were pulled beneath the desert. When things settled, they discovered that they had been chained together and if one player dies they all die. The only way to remove the chain was to defeat the dungeon.

After encountering some giant snails with no HP indicators, they managed to work together to escape from the dungeon. As a result of their truce and working together, they decided to be friends rather than continue their fight. As the second event drew to a close, Maple and Sally found their way to an underwater boss who Maple promptly killed by poisoning the sea!

BOFURI Episode 5 Kasumi Sally and Maple

What was your favourite element?

We’ve slowly watched Maple getting stronger and stronger and acting more and more like a demon. Her poison attacks are terrifying and she’s not afraid to unleash it on anything. What we haven’t really seen yet if Sally letting loose. Well, that was until today. Sally decided to hunt for medals by going on a PvP rampage, leaving Maple to hide and guard the medals they already had. Sally was insane and seemed to enjoy player-killing more than anything. We knew she was the more experienced gamer and now we got to see her show it. It was awesome. I am absolutely loving this series.

BOFURI Episode 5 Sally goes on a Player-killing Spree

What have you learnt?

I love the girls’ approach to gaming and very much want to play like that. One thing that has always annoyed me with online gaming is how the best players are the ones that throw the most money at it. It’s impossible to compete with paying players who buy the best upgrades and weapons. So to see Maple doing whatever seems like fun and developing new skills and abilities is excellent. That’s how I think gaming should be – who’s having the most fun and trying out the weirdest things. The idea of writing something about someone doing the opposite to everyone else and accidentally doing it better is great and I can see a lot of applications for that idea with storytelling.

BOFURI Episode 5 Sally and Maple versus Sea Boss

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  1. If online gaming were more like this, I’d spend more time online gaming!

    Unfortunately, Unreal Tournament towards the end kinda killed it for me…

    • You mean Sally killed you!?

      Yeah, this is how I’d want gaming to be too, but I know I would end up stuck with some obnoxious kid that kept trying to kill me over and over again following me around.

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