BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 11) – Defense and Mighty Foe


Maple, Yui, and May face off against the three strongest members of the Flame Emperors in an attempt to take their orb. Who will win? The strongest lance or the strongest shield? What about the Machine God?

Max Out My Defense (Episode 11) – Defense and Mighty Foe

What happened?

Mii is a far stronger opponent than Maple has faced to date, but even she can’t seem to put a scratch on her. What she can do, however, is knock Maple back which could give her the chance to take out May and Yui. Seeing this as a possibility, Maple forces them to withdraw and watch with Syrup from a safe distance. Mii attempts to use a powerful fire spell which requires time to cast. She asks Misery and Marcus to buy her time which they do with all of their remaining items. It’s good, but not good enough. Maple is forced to use her Machine God form and blows them away. Mii can’t believe what she’s seeing and is forced to self-destruct in one last attempt to defeat Maple.

Maple survived the attack, but Mii would have the last laugh having told her men to flee with the orb, stopping Maple from taking it. Realising what has happened, Maple, Yui, and May attack the nearby guilds and take their orbs, but the number of surviving players and guilds is diminishing. Once back at their base, Sally informs them that the most likely action is for the Order of the Holy Sword to attack them. She thinks they should take their orb and run now, but they’re already too late!

BOFURI Episode 11 Mii seeing Maple in Machine God Form

What was your favourite element?

As always, it’s the reactions of people facing off against overpowered characters that make me laugh. Seeing Mii, Misery, and Marcus’ faces when Maple activated the Machine God was priceless. To top that off, Mii broke down when she realised that her self-destruction spell didn’t work either. Then, after all the fun and games of the big fight, we get to see the Order of the Holy Sword attacking Maple Tree. For a series that has been fairly light and easy-going, we’ve ended the episode on a fairly grim moment for Maple. That said, I have a pretty good idea of what’s coming…

BOFURI Episode 11 Maple taking Damage

What have you learnt?

If you could cast your minds back to episode four when Sally and Maple fought against the Ice Phoenix. It was supposed to be an invincible boss, but they still managed to prevail. Well, that was due to a skill that Maple picked up during the fight that activated once her HP reached one. I have a feeling that Payne is about to be on the receiving end of that skill and it’s not going to be pretty. Either way, I think we’re in for a pretty exciting final episode. I really do hope we get a second season of Bofuri. It’s been a lot of fun watching Maple slowly turn into a juggernaut and the crazy mix of players she’s managed to accumulate around her. We need more!

BOFURI Episode 11 Maple Tree Shocked

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