BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 7) – Defense and Upgrades


Maple takes May and Yui on a mission to level up and in typical Maple fashion, they do so and acquire some new skills that make them even stronger. As if that’s not enough, Maple takes on a quest that could lead to more power!

What happened?

With the help of Maple, May and Yui defeat the Hydra. Then, to continue to level up, they try to defeat it as fast as they can, over and over and over. In a typical twist of fate, they accidentally unlock new skills due to defeating the same boss so many times in such a short period of time, making them both twice as strong and allowing them to equip double-handed weapons in one hand! With everyone busily preparing for the next event, Maple finds herself wandering around on her own. She encounters an NPC and ends up on a series of quests and at the end, she gains a new skill that is a game-changer.

BOFURI Episode 7 Kuromu's New Armour

What was your favourite element?

I couldn’t help but laugh at the quest Maple took on, especially how easy it was for her. When I game, I generally wander around levelling up and hoarding whatever I find, so I can relate to the second quest where Maple needed to find an item, but it turned out she already had it. It’s also hilarious seeing the NPC going through it’s set lines even though Maple flew over the undead horde without any trouble whatsoever. I’ve played games where you get a mission and find that you’ve completed it as soon as the NPC dialogue is up. Maybe, that’s why I’m enjoying this series so much. Maple is doing things very similarly to how I would. Also, the fact that Maple can now shield everyone in her proximity with the same level of defence as her is excellent. Maple Tree is invincible!

BOFURI Episode 7 Maple's New Skill

What have you learnt?

Girls with oversized hammers are always great! Maple continued to show her dark streak by managing to turn her new skill to grow wool into a deadly weapon, but because she’s cute it’s hilarious. I love that we’re so blinded by her appearance, that noticing her darker tendencies becomes harder and harder. It would come off as a very different series if she didn’t look like that, even if you changed nothing else. So, from this, I’d suggest the idea of playing with the appearance or descriptions of your characters to change the view of them and the way they behave. I’d imagine that you’d be fairly surprised at the results and how it might change the feel of a story.

BOFURI Episode 7 May and Yui with Double Giant Hammers

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