BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 3) – Defense and Reaching Second Level


Maple and Sally continue to explore NewWorld Online, do a little shopping, take on a quest, and visit a spectacular restaurant on level 2. The developers have also applied a fix to reduce Maple’s invincibility…

What happened?

The developers had made some changes to counter the player skills of Maple. In a sense, I can see why they would be looking to level the playing field, but if I was Maple, I’d be a little annoyed. Maple, however, is excited to be able to deal out some damage now and her carefree attitude is a breath of fresh air. With the appearance of level two, Sally and Maple decide to do a little more searching of level one before they try to move on. This, of course, involves some shopping, eating, and one last quest in some spooky woods. Finally, they decide to find the level boss and see if they can progress.

BOFURI Episode 3 Maple and Sally Shopping

What was your favourite element?

The lack of any real stakes was more noticeable in this episode as Maple and Sally just kind of wandered around. Even the quest was remarkably easy considering all they did was find an NPC in a room beneath the cabin they hid in and healed him. Then with the level boss, things seemed to be just as easy. Sure, Maple got knocked out of the fight, but it didn’t really seem to challenge them. The next event is about to start and I’m hoping this should be entertaining, especially as Maple has a medal already and other players can try to take it.

BOFURI Episode 3 Sally Defeating the Level Boss

What have you learnt?

I’m still enjoying this series, but this was much more along the lines of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things. That’s fine if that’s what you want, but I would like a little more action. I think it would be possible to fit the two together and even create a little tension, especially in an event with a large guild participating. From watching these first three episodes, I think it would be possible to blend the genres and still attract the same audiences. If anything it would be interesting to see them going through a quest where they fail and die. Seeing the girls picking themselves up and carrying on as if it was no big deal would be quite the clever message. I know I get annoyed when I die in video games and in reality, I really shouldn’t.

BOFURI Episode 3 Sally and Maple having Dinner

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