BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 8) – Defense and Third Event


The third event of NewWorld Online seems to be designed so that Maple can’t win, but that’s nothing to worry about. There’s bound to be something else she can do while the other members of the guild compete.

What happened?

The third event has the players hunting cows and defeating them to collect their bells. It’s a game designed for speed and agility, which Maple, of course, has none. Seeing how the game might be tough for Maple the others send her some messages to encourage her. As she received the message, my mind went into Maple mode and I was certain she was going to try to wipe out all of the players so that there would be more cows for her to hunt, but instead she went to a mountain where no one else would be.

Unfortunately, she slipped and ended up near the church from the last quest. Inside, she encountered a terrifying demon that ate her. With her unbreakable build, however, she was able to eat the demon from within and gained a bunch of new skills. After the event, Maple showed off her new skills as they faced the level two boss. Maple transformed into a giant Demon and destroyed it easily. Level three was a mechanical world and unlike anything they’d seen before. They decided to split up and search around where Maple stumbled upon a new quest.

BOFURI Episode 8 Kuromu Surrounded by Cuteness

What was your favourite element?

Where to begin? I loved the opening scene where they all tried on their new wool outfits. It was so funny seeing Kuromu sitting in his undead armour commenting on how everyone was so cute. He gives us an interesting perspective on the utter insanity of it all. But that scene was nothing compared to the final scene. Maple was flying over level three when she fell off of Syrup and landed in an old throne room. She had literally fallen into the final battle for the level on her first visit there. She managed to defeat the old Machine King, awaken the new Machine King, and gain mecha armour. I bet the developers weren’t expecting that. It’s just too funny.

BOFURI Episode 8 Maple Defeating the Machine God

What have you learnt?

I am not a fan of the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things genre at all, but I love what they’re doing with Bofuri. It’s actually my favourite series this season by a long way. There’s definitely a darker tone to things and the ambiguity with Maple is excellent. Is she an angel, a demon, or more likely, both? The other characters have noted that she is a monster, but then she’s still Maple – cute, goofy, and excitable. This series has mixed a bunch of different elements together really well and that may make it appeal to multiple audiences. I can certainly imagine that the mecha fans were delighted by the new level and Maple’s latest skill.

BOFURI Episode 8 Maple Demon Form

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  1. ” Is she an angel, a demon, or more likely, both? ”

    Maple is Maple. That’s what’s so cool about this! It’s at once ridiculous and funny and dramatic. I loved how some of her own clan remarked that she keeps sprouting new appendages!

    • Yeah, and they were pretty thankful that she was on their side. It’s brilliant how she just stumbles upon things and skills and all because of her all defence plan at the beginning.

    • “Maple is Maple.”

      Indeed. Maple being the loveable dimwit she is makes the series work… If she was the more typical Mary Sue, we’d have all dropped this show weeks ago.

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      For sure, it’s that hint of darkness or the fact that she’s playing it as a game and doing whatever she feels like.

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