BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 2) – Defense and Friends


Maple enters an event in NewWorld Online and has hopes of finishing in the top three, but surely she can’t manage that with only defensive points. It also looks like her friend, Risa is about to join in.

What happened?

Maple entered the event and thanks to her lack of speed, all she could do was to sit and wait for others to attack her. The event was s a battle royale with the top three getting special items, and Maple loves special items. Thanks to all of her hard work and unusual efforts in the game so far, Maple has amassed quite the collection of skills and abilities. When she puts them together, it’s like she’s a demon and it’s great to watch. At one point, her shield released a poisonous gas and as the adventurers ran, Maple activated her paralysis ability to make sure they couldn’t escape.

BOFURI Episode 2 Maple in the Event

What was your favourite element?

One of my concerns after the first episode was that there wouldn’t be any stakes and this would end up being just Maple doing things with no drive or consequence. Well, that seems to have been put to bed. The battle royale event was a great way to create something that showed us what Maple can do and how others are willing to fight her. She is quite literally a demon and it’s great to watch. Then, we also had Sally (Risa) fighting the underwater dungeon boss and that was excellent. At no point did it feel like either was going to be defeated in their various quests, but it certainly made the episode entertaining and if things keep up like this, I will be very happy.

BOFURI Episode 2 Sally carrying Maple

What have you learnt?

I want to be in this game! I love how there appears to be an unlimited number of ways to approach things and for a rookie gamer like Maple, she’s trying anything and seeing what works. I doubt there are many that thought to try to eat the monsters. It just goes to show that as long as the possibilities are there, you can keep any old story fresh and interesting. The addition of another level in the game is great because it shows that things can just keep expanding, which in turn creates more opportunity. This seems to be a similar theme to Infinite Dendrogram and that’s another series that I am really enjoying after the first episode. I can see these two both pushing for my favourite series of the season.

BOFURI Episode 2 Sally fighting the Dungeon Boss

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  1. Normally a lack of any sense of danger or consequence would be a concern for me as I tend to find stories lacking these to be a bit dull, but this one has so far managed to avoid that and has just been so charming and fun. Hoping it keeps going like this for the season.

    • Agreed, and while there wasn’t really any question as to Sally winning, the fight itself was pretty entertaining. I also loved how Maple just waited for people to find her and then visciously dispossed of them with little effort in the battle royale. I want more events like that. I have high hopes for the season.

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