BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 4) – Defense and Second Event


The second event started, leaving Sally and Maple to explore an expansive world in search of medals. To win they’re going to have to find the hidden dungeons and defeated the bosses, and avoid players looking to take their medals from them.

What happened?

While exploring the new world, Maple suddenly disappeared. It turned out she fell into a hidden dungeon which should give them a chance to find their first medals. If they can defeat the dungeon boss, that is. Having won their first encounter, Sally and Maple headed for a snowy mountain only to find the entrance just as another group arrived. It was lead by the other shield user that helped Maple out at the beginning so she let them take the dungeon. Soon after they entered, however, the entrance reappeared so Maple and Sally went in. Within seconds, they found themselves up against an ice pheonix with incredible fighting abilities. Can they defeat it? You better believe it!

BOFURI Episode 4 Sally and Maple

What was your favourite element?

The fight with the Silverwing (the ice pheonix) was epic and really pushed both Maple and Sally to their limits. Maple even ended the fight with just one HP and that was only due to a new skill she acquired during the fight. Funnily enough, though, the actual fight wasn’t my favourite moment. Shortly after we saw a group of people looking on. I believe they are the developers or possibly the AI that runs the game. Anyhow, they seemed quite put out that Maple and Sally defeated the undefeatable Silverwing. A boss they put in as a joke with unparalleled skills and abilities. As far as they were concerned, no one should have been able to beat it!

BOFURI Episode 4 Maple hitting the Undefeatable Silverwing

What have you learnt?

I think we may have the conflict that I felt this series really needed. Admittedly, I am loving it regardless, but the idea that now it’s Maple and Sally against the developers is excellent. They will continue to try to limit her abilities and insert more supposedly undefeatable bosses for them to attempt to defeat. I doubt anyone will actually stop them, but it’s going to be a lot of fun watching them try. The best part about all this is how unconventional Maple is in her approach to gaming and how that’s rubbing off on Sally. Together they are bringing new life to the VRMMO genre.

BOFURI Episode 4 Sally and Maple about to defeat the Undefeatable Silverwing

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