How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 15) – Corrupt Ritual

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It turns out that Batutta is behind the Death Knell virus and Lumachina worked it out. Of course, that’s made things awkward and he’s already got a plan in place to use her in his quest for power!

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 15) – Corrupt Ritual

What happened?

So, Lumachina revealed how much she knew in her meeting with Batutta and before she or Rem could react, they both passed out. It turned out that the Death Knell virus is actually a curse and that Batutta is the one behind it. He’s also responsible for the paladin brigade that has been terrorising the locals.

Meanwhile, Diablo and Shera finish up in the bath just as Diablo notices a presence in the room. He jumps up to challenge them and discovers that it’s Horn, the adventurer that told him about the dungeon. Horn saw what happened to Lumachina and Rem, and has come to get help.

Diablo was surprised that Batutta acted so suddenly, but it would appear that had already worked out the rest of the details. They hurried to find Rem and Lumachina.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 3 Rem and Lumachina Shiliu and Batutta

Rem and Lumachina woke to find themselves tied to crosses on an altar in an underground structure. The atmosphere was dank with evil and sin. That was probably due to the corrupted followers that were rolling around on the ground naked. Thankfully, Batutta confirmed the suspicions and revealed that he was collecting pure evil by corrupting devout followers.

He believed that the purity of the evil would be much stronger, the more pious the victim. His assistant, Shiliu began the process of corrupting Lumachina with her unusually long tongue. Luckily, Diablo, Shera, and Horn burst in and stopped the procedure. They couldn’t have waited a couple more minutes?

Batutta revealed that he likes to lure strong opponents into traps where he can easily defeat them and goes to work on Diablo. His first attack almost completely removes Diablo’s left arm and when Diablo tries to trick him, he sees through it and stabs Diablo with his spear. However, Diablo has some items that save him from certain death, allowing him to retaliate.

He defeats Batutta and flies everyone out of the crumbling structure using his levitation spell. Unfortunately, Lumachina was infected with the Death Knell curse and since miracles don’t work on her, the only way to save her is to defeat Diablo’s dungeon. Meanwhile, Fanis Laminitus has been attacked by someone claiming to be a general of the Demon Lord’s army and plans on making her part of his harem.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 3 Shera uses Clem's bow

What did you think?

So, I mostly enjoyed the action in this episode. There were some nice moments in the fight between Batutta and Diablo, although there was also a lot of evil laughing, revealing of plans, and standing around waiting for stuff to happen. As I said, I mostly enjoyed it…

I did have a good laugh at the beginning when Diablo revealed that he knew Batutta was behind everything and basically let Lumachina and Rem get captured because he didn’t think he would act so quickly. What if Batutta had killed Rem as he only needed Lumachina for his plan? What then Diablo? Seems a little careless.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 3 Diablo

What have you learnt?

In season one, Diablo had his ring of magical reflection that turned any spell used on him back on the person that cast it. It created the situation with Shera and Rem where they ended up with the slave collars and not Diablo. It helped him out a couple of times in the season and that made sense. However, all of a sudden it’s revealed that his cape can save him from any attack, leaving him with just one health point, and then his horns started to recover the rest back. That’s convenient!

If you’re going to use magic items like that, you can’t just drop them on us when it’s convenient. Like the ring, we need to see it work so that we can forget about it. That way when it does save the day, it’s satisfying. This was not a good way to reveal that he had these items. Who knows what other things he has on him that will save the day? It’s really lazy storytelling and that seems to be a worrying trend with this season.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 3 Batutta cuts Diablo's arm

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