How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 17) – Black Dragon Clash

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After saving Horn, Diablo is separated from Shera, Rem, and Lumachina. He needs to hurry to catch up with them because if they make it to the dungeon boss before he gets there, they will be toast! Literally!

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 17) – Black Dragon Clash

What happened?

Diablo dived into the rapids to save Horn, who had only moments ago saved Lumachina from the crazed Paladin. He lost his staff in the process and then had to burn some of his clothes. With the fire dying down and Horn still wet and unconscious, Diablo decided to remove his clothes and burn them too… However, Horn was not quite the person that Diablo thought he was… I mean, she was…

After somehow demon-lording his way out of this awkward situation, Diablo managed to work out where they were in the dungeon and made a move to catch up with Shera, Rem, and Lumachina before they reached the last boss.

Unfortunately for them, they had just arrived at the last level and found the crazed Paladin. He had somehow overtaken them and was pleased to see them alive and well since it meant he got to kill them himself. He unleashed his summons. Rem attacked back with hers, but he appeared to be too strong.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 5 Shera Lumachina and Rem attacked by fire bees

That was when some powerful magic took all of the summonses out of the battle. Shera and Rem looked up hoping to see Diablo, but it was not him. A large black dragon flew in from above and threatened to kill them all instantly. The Paladin unleashed a powerful fire demon, but it was no use. The black dragon defeated it and then the Paladin.

Shera and Rem tried to reason with the black dragon, but he was not interested, even given the unusual mix of characters. He was about to attack when Diablo showed up. The black dragon was furious with Diablo for his mockery and attacked. Diablo cast a spell and took down the black dragon.

However, the black dragon wasn’t done and tried to escape. That was a mistake. A maid opened a large door and chastised the black dragon. She then opened a portal and two giant robotic hands sliced the dragon into pieces.

As she prepared to take care of the others too, Diablo revealed that he was Diablo. She recognised him and welcomed her master home. They followed Rose into the treasure vault where they found the cure for the Death Knell curse and gained some powerful new items.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 5 Lumachina power panties

What did you think?

I feel like the budget for this season has been severely reduced from the first season. Instead of getting dynamic fights with lots of running and action, we get Diablo standing in one place, talk to himself in his head, and then release a powerful spell that basically one-shots everything. It doesn’t make the fights even remotely interesting.

It feels like everything is too easy, but at the same time, everyone is terrified of something bad happening. By now, you’d think that they would have complete faith in Diablo and not spend a couple of minutes of dramatic looks and crying after he dived in the water to save Horn. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it’s still not even a patch on the first season.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 5 Diablo defeats the black dragon

What have you learnt?

So, Rem has got some ridiculous new armour and Shera picked up a ring because it was pretty. No doubt, this new ring will become incredibly important in the climax of the season It’ll probably stop Shera from dying or something similar. Also, Rose seems nice… Either way, she should be a fun addition to the team, but that also means even less Shera and Rem time.

I feel like they have failed to build on the things that made the first season so enjoyable and just gone with adding more and more girls to the harem. I’d argue that it didn’t need it. I also don’t think the story has been as interesting and enjoyable. Sequels are obviously hard as the original idea for the story will have been completed. This means that the author has to try to add on something new and it’s a fine line between continuing with what worked and trying to ramp it up. I think this series made the wrong choice in this scenario.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 5 Rose

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