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Diablo has been working on flight magic and is keen to show off to Shera and Rem, however, once in the air he spots a powerful aura and goes to investigate. The spell wears off and forces Diablo to reveal himself!

What happened?

Two girls raced through the forest as if pursued by something terrible. They stop suddenly as a giant worm bursts out of the ground. One of the girls pushes the other away and is eaten by the worm. Before she even has a chance to grieve, a man appears behind her with more bad news. He summons a beast mushroom and has heinous plans for the young priestess.

In her moment of need, Lumachina prays to God for help. She’s desperate. Suddenly a figure falls from the sky and crushes the beast mushroom. Diablo climbs to his feet and scans the surroundings. He’s shocked to find a barely clothed girl sitting on the ground before him. However, the paladin is more annoyed that Diablo killed his mushroom.

Lumachina believes that Diablo is God, come to answer her prayers. He tries to correct her but is unable to get a word in. The paladin releases two worms and tries to trap Diablo and Lumachina. Of course, it’s child’s play for Diablo who annihilates both with ease. The paladin is shocked but sees this as a chance to win. There’s no way Diablo can use a spell that powerful again… or is there?

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 1 Shera and Rem

Diablo freezes all of the summons and the paladin before realising he may have also frozen Lumachina. He holds her upright as she passes out. Then, Shera and Rem catch up and are a little disturbed to find Diablo holding a semi-naked girl. After some questioning, they return to Faltra city.

Lumachina wakes up in Diablo’s bed and is met by Shera and Rem. They try to explain the situation, including the collars they both wear. Lumachina asks about God… Of course, she means Diablo and is disturbed to find out he may not be God. That would mean that they would need to marry as only her husband can see her naked body.

Meanwhile, Diablo was asking Krem to remain in her room for the time being, especially as he doesn’t need the church to find out about her. He returns to his room after a loud outburst from Shera and Rem. They are quite put out that Lumachina thinks she can jump to the front of the line with Diablo.

Diablo decides to tell Lumachina that he cannot say who he really is, which is enough for her to continue to believe he’s God. She tells them about the corruption in the church and how she was trying to do something about it which put a target on her back. She’s trying to find the head paladin who is fighting in the demon lands for protection and help to regain power. Diablo agrees to take her there.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 1 Shera and Rem find Diablo holding Lumachina

What did you think?

Everything you would have expected from Demon Lord was in this episode. It was great to see Shera and Rem back on the screen and that their dynamic continues to be a lot of fun. Diablo is the same too – overconfident on the outside, screaming like a child on the inside. Lumachina was introduced pretty quickly and in a fairly harsh manner. I really wasn’t expecting to see mushroom tentacles until at least the fourth or fifth episode…

All that said, I came away from this episode feeling a little underwhelmed. I’m not sure if it was the hype or my love of the first season, but this one didn’t quite have the same energy. There were times when Shera and Rem felt like they had moved completely into the clingy fan-girl stage, which is a little disappointing. Of course, it’s only the first episode so there’s plenty of time to win me back.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 1 Diablo signature pose

What have you learnt?

This episode really didn’t feel like a full-length episode which must mean that I was completely drawn in. Even despite my concerns, I still enjoyed it and that is largely down to the characters. Diablo is a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed the inner conflict that he faces and how hopeless he is despite being so incredibly strong. Shera and Rem are just a delight and I could probably watch them doing anything. You know it would be entertaining.

So, where am I going with this? Well, the sign of a great show for me is whether you want to spend more time with the characters or in that world. If you get to the end of the season and just want to spend more time with them, that is a win. A massive win. Getting the characters right is one of the most important elements in a story. If that’s done well, you’re well on your way to being successful.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 1 Shera and Rem sunbathing naked

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