How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 19) – Little Demon Lord

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Diablo has agreed to accompany Lumachina to the capital to take on the church, much to Fanis’ disappointment. First, a quick trip back to Faltra City to check on Klem and Edelgard. What could go wrong?

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 19) – Little Demon Lord

What happened?

After seeing Diablo in action, Fanis was keen to keep him at Zircon Tower. She was even going out of her way to make him feel comfortable… However, Diablo being Diablo ran at the first opportunity. Fanis just laughed and watched him race away. She was sure she’d get another chance.

One of the reasons for Diablo’s quick exit was that he was going to help Lumachina in the capital as she tried to cleanse the church. The other was that he’s still terrified of women, despite being surrounded by them day in day out, every day! On their way to the capital, they decided to call in on Klem and Edelgard to see that they weren’t causing any trouble.

They hadn’t, but then some thugs looking to extort money from a cafe broke Klem’s cookie and it was only Diablo’s command that stopped her from murdering them there and then. He did help Klem find the gang behind it so that they could make them pay for all the bad things they had done, including breaking Klem’s cookie.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 7 Diablo Klem Edelgard and Rose

What did you think?

This felt like a last hoorah for some of these characters. Literally, everyone that we met in the first season was unceremoniously paraded across the screen so that we could see them one last time. I can only assume the rest of the season will be in the capital and there’s a chance that there won’t be any more seasons. That probably means no real resolution to Klem’s story in the anime. I feel like that might have been a better one to focus on than a new character such as Lumachina.

There were some funny moments such as Rose and Edelgard finding a common love of turning their enemies into mincemeat! Or Klem wanting to murder everyone over her cookie. There were some bizarre moments too with the most bizarre being the cameo of the rappers that perform the ED appearing with the other citizens to thank Klem.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 7 Rose and Edelgard planning to kill everyone

What have you learnt?

So, this episode ended up being one of the better ones. Sure, it was odd seeing all the old characters being reintroduced but also oddly comforting. This makes me think that this season would have been better if they had continued to focus on the events around Faltra with the people that we already knew and liked. Anything would have been better than the Lumachina arc, which is still going on.

The thing is we had some evil paladins in the first season which should have been used to tie the new season into this one, but they weren’t. I did notice that Alicia is in the next episode, but it’s too late. This entire season has felt like a substandard side quest rather than the real focus of the story. Klem’s story would have been a more natural progression based on how the first season ended too.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 7 Fanis Laminitus watches Diablo run away

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